Fact based decisions

Cmotions helps organisations to boost their competitive position or bolster their market position. We help them to succeed by adapting to a changing world.

What does Cmotions do

We help our clients to bring their organisational strategy in line with their target audience. We support the management and help them to make the best decision for their business strategy and market positioning.

Who is Cmotions

Cmotions is made up of some 50 highly driven professionals, all working in the area where cross channel marketing, organisation and data science meet. We believe that taking a multidisciplinary approach is the only way to find success that is achievable in practice.

The power of fact based decisions

Moving from looking to thinking to doing

We work in close partnership with our clients for a perfect fit of our knowledge into your organisation.

Our bottom-up approach tackles your issue at any level, be it operational, tactical or strategic.

We lead the market in the field of analytics, and have knowledge covering a wide range of market sectors.

Our 50 professionals devise business strategies based on analytics and (big) data for our clients, and implement them.

Results are all that counts. With our pragmatic, no-nonsense approach, we always deliver the best results!

Fact-Based Marketing Scan

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It's a bad idea to put a marketing attribution question in the hands of a black box model

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A new way of thinking about marketing

Effective marketing is based on facts

We give our clients direction and grip. We can make your marketing activities more effective and more efficient by using fact-based marketing decisions, based on data analysis and data science.

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Luba Temp Agency about us

By thinking about customer value, Luba has successfully made its business operations more efficient and more effective, which led to improved profitability. “Our profitability saw two-figure growth last year, in what has really not been an easy market,” says Johan Doornenbal, the director of Luba. “Cmotions is partly responsible for this success, thanks to their advice and implementing the way of thinking about customer value: it has provided added value for our company in several ways. We are extremely happy with the results that have been achieved so far and we enjoy working with them now and in the future!”

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