We give our clients direction and grip. We make their marketing activities more effective & and more efficient. We do that on the basis of fact-based marketing. Cmotions operates in the following areas:

Business strategy and positioning

Testing and substantiating strategic decisions: who do I want to be, for whom, offering what, and occupying what position in the market?

Business planning and direction

How can I develop my business? In what scenarios can I do that? What work and expenditure does that require? What are my KRIs and KPIs and how are they interrelated? How do I get them accepted in the company? What results can I expect? And finally: what does it achieve?

Marketing optimisation

How do I work the market, with what products and services, with what pricing and through which channels? How can I ensure that the contact and interaction with my target audience are optimal? How do I stay ahead of the competition? Essentially, what buttons am I able to press and what effect would they have?

Do you identify with:

What is my position in the market, both now and in the future?
What factors set me apart from my competitors?
What are the best customers and segments for me to aim for and what are their
changing needs?

Business strategy and positioning

Answers to:

What propositions or products suit my target audience and offer the most potential value?
How can I best enter the market with new propositions?
What ROI can I expect?
What do I need to follow and predict the optimisation and performance of my marketing work?

Business planning and direction

Marketing questions such as:

What marketing buttons can I press, What actions will have the greatest effect?
How can I get different disciplines and divisions in the organisation to tackle these actions in an integrated way?
For what customers is it best to spend my money on marketing?
What will deliver the best ROI on customers and segments?

Marketing and optimisation

Strategic marketing = better decisions!

Marketing is increasingly essential to all organisations. Therefore, marketing needs to reposition itself. Marketing should claim its role as an architect that coordinates and interlinks the qualities of an organisation. To target market and to requirements. A new way of thinking about marketing.

The new way of thinking about marketing is driven most of all by marketing accountability: marketing based on facts. Marketing that has direction and results. Driven by understanding how your marketing investments can be efficient & effective.

If you would like to find out more about our strategic approach to your marketing queries, then please contact us.